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Greetings! In this technical guide, we will be exploring the process of establishing a Secure Shell (SSH) connection to a Radxa 5B device. Our primary step involves identifying the Internet Protocol (IP) address of our Radxa 5B.

An effective method to discover the IP address of the device (once connected to a monitor), is by utilizing terminal commands. Executing the "ifconfig" command in the terminal should reveal the IP address under the "inet" header. However, it's important to note that due to differences across Linux distributions, the "ifconfig" command might not always work. Newer Linux distributions often rely on the "ip addr show" command instead. Therefore, if the former command fails, we should resort to using "ip addr show".

Assume that the IP address we found is With this information at hand, we can now move forward to the steps necessary for SSH connection setup.

There are multiple methodologies to establish an SSH connection, either through the terminal command or via specialized software. For this tutorial, we will utilize Putty, a widely-used SSH and telnet client.

Putty offers a simple and user-friendly interface for establishing and managing SSH, Telnet, and other types of network connections, making it an excellent tool for both beginners and advanced users. Additionally, it's a lightweight, versatile, and free software, compatible with various operating systems, enabling users to control remote servers regardless of the host environment.

To download Putty, navigate to

Putty's user-friendly interface allows for effortless interactions. Enter the previously identified IP address of the Radxa 5B device into the "Host Name" field, then select "SSH" for the "Connection type".

The "Port" field defaults to 22, signifying the communication channel used to access specific services or applications across a network. However, due to security considerations or specific network configurations, the port number could vary. In these cases, we must adjust the port number accordingly when initiating an SSH connection.

But how can we ascertain the port number for our Radxa 5B device?

To achieve this, we must execute the "netstat -tuln" command in the terminal. Incompatibility with certain Linux distributions might cause this command to fail. As a workaround, the "ss -tuln" command should be used.

The port number is indicated in the output (highlighted in our case with a pink rectangle). Once we confirm the port number to be 22, we can proceed with establishing the SSH connection. Upon entering the host name and port in Putty and clicking "Open", a security alert may appear. This is common during the initial SSH connection to a device and serves to verify the identity of the device. After confirmation, input your username and password when prompted. If the default credentials have not been altered, use those; otherwise, input the updated credentials.

And there you have it, you've successfully established an SSH connection to your Radxa 5B! Until next time, farewell and happy computing.

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