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With the Right Hardware, Great Things Can Happen

We can develop unique #linuxbasedautomation shields for your projects. In this way, you can both reduce your cost and reduce the size of your device by using only the functions you need.

What We Offer

We design the industrial IOT equipment you need in the field. You can start your project right away with Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3/4 or Raspberry Pi 3/4. If you are asking us, we will definitely continue with Compute Module 4. We handle the details. 

Hardware Design

We understand your needs for a Raspberry Pi-based or equivalent product and we produce a special hardware for you accordingly.

Software Support

After developing the hardware, we do not leave you alone. We do software tests together, provide training and even, if desired, set up a Whatsapp group with our technical team and provide all the support you need in your project.

Comprehensive Customer Support

We send you the documentation of your cards before you start the project and we get approval for the document. Then we try the device together in the Experience Center or we send it to you with the software running in it

Unique Housing

We develop metal, plastic or aluminum boxes special for your projects and write your brand name and logo on it with UV printing.

Built for Creatives, by Creatives

Do you always use the same devices with similar IO numbers in the field? If so, why don't you get a price quote from us? By developing special hardware for your company, you can both reduce your prices and have better performance devices thanks to special solutions.

All-In-One Toolkit

Integrated File Sharing

Send us the your I/O information (Digital Input, Digital Output, Digital Relay Output, Analog Input etc.) and serial communication information needed in your project. Let's focus on how to develop a shields together.

Your Hardware Partner!

Your Hardware Partner!