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1. Payment and Currency

Base Currency: Our base currency is USD. Transactions are processed in USD.

Payment Methods: We accept all major credit cards through Stripe. Our payment infrastructure is secure and encrypted.

2. Customs and Tax Information for US and EU

Customs Exemptions: Shipments to the US and EU have customs duty exemptions up to certain limits. Orders below these thresholds are exempt from customs duties.

3. Industrial IoT Equipment and Custom Solutions

IoT Equipment Offerings: We design industrial IoT equipment tailored to your needs, including Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3/4 or Raspberry Pi 3/4.

Hardware Design Services: Custom hardware production based on your Raspberry Pi-based or equivalent product needs.

Software Support: We provide Linux IO driver for your support.

4. Comprehensive Customer Support

Pre-Project Support: We provide documentation for approval before starting the project and offer testing in the Experience Center.

Unique Housing: Customized housings for projects with UV printing for branding.

5. Custom Hardware Solutions

Custom Hardware Development:* We develop special hardware for your company, reducing costs and enhancing performance. We collaborate on I/O and serial communication requirements.

6. All-In-One Toolkit and Integrated File Sharing

Toolkit Features: Our toolkit streamlines project development with integrated solutions like file sharing and custom hardware design.

7. Global Shipping and Delivery

- *Worldwide Shipping:* We offer shipping to a wide range of global destinations.

Primary Shipping Destinations: Our main shipping regions include the USA, Canada, EU countries, and the UK.

International Shipping Process: We provide reliable international shipping with variable costs and delivery times based on location.

Customs and Import Duties: Customs and import duties may apply for international orders, typically borne by the recipient.

8. Tracking and Delivery Time

Order Tracking: Customers receive a tracking number for their orders to monitor shipment progress.

Estimated Delivery Times: International orders are generally delivered within 3-10 business days, subject to customs processing.

9. Stock Availability and Shipping Time

Ready-to-Ship Stock: We maintain a ready-to-ship inventory, including our latest products, ensuring prompt dispatch.

Shipping Time for Individual Orders: Orders are typically shipped within 1-3 business days.

Shipping Time for Bulk Orders: Bulk orders are shipped within 3-7 business days, depending on the order size and preparation requirements.

For more information or specific inquiries, please reach out to us at We are committed to providing top-notch service and support for all your technology and IoT project needs.